Debris (2021): Season 1 Episodes 1-3 | First Impression Review | NBC


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Jayne Theory
Jayne Theory
4 months ago

Funny how my video got ZERO views until I removed all the language about wokeness, SJWs, etc. from the description. SMH. 🙄 Please like and share, because Youtube is clearly suppressing content.

4 months ago

thanks for the tip.

4 months ago

About a week ago, another channel put out a video reviewing the 2005 Cult Classic scifi series Threshold which had Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage in it. I enjoyed Threshold and some one in the comments for that video mentioned the show Debris was vaguely similar, alien tech having weird effects on people. I checked out Debris and have enjoyed the first three episodes that have aired so far so far.

Mark Michalowski
Mark Michalowski
3 months ago

You lost me when you said "The creator of the series is French writer JH Wyman, so if you enjoyed that series, then this one has a very similar look and feel." – which series? You don't name it.
And I think I must have been watching a different "Debris" to you – LOL – because I'd never call it "pretty fast paced". Every episode plays out much the same, visually, tonally and plot-wise (well, up to the current one, episode 6).

Interesting that you talk about gender and "gender politics" – because I think this show is very poor for female representation and female agency: at least five of the first six episodes feature a female character as "victim of the week", whilst their fathers/husbands/brothers do the actual "running around making stuff happen". In amongst the endless white, male characters that fill every episodes, we only seem to have TWO recurring female ones – Finola and the MI6 woman.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sorta enjoying it, but it's flat and passionless and desaturated (both visually and emotionally) and feels like it's going to stay this way through to the end – unless it suddenly gets a kick up the arse from somewhere! 😉
The effects are pretty good, yes, but there's not much humour at all – and I'll be VERY surprised if it gets a second series.

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