We Look At Discrimination the Wrong Way – Zuby & Lauren Chen


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8 months ago

More truth, lets just hope more liberals wake-up to this or the ones that are aware stop being afraid to speak out.
Because if they don't they will eventually be on the negative side of these insane beliefs and by then it will be to late to change.

Kynaru Helio
Kynaru Helio
8 months ago

I've been saying this stuff since 2012 and it's so damn nice to hear people talk about this stuff in a calm and clear way… it gives me hope! I lost many friends because of saying stuff like this and just pointing out objective facts, I didn't make up the numbers but since it wasn't something that was compatible with their world view they just short circuit and call me all sorts of defamatory things.

keep it up and do it for the people who can't!

Christopher Beninger
Christopher Beninger
8 months ago

Amen! Please keep happiness these conversations. 🙂

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