I like the show…but i have a few problems (Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 and 4 review)


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3 months ago

'New Cap' has such a punch-able face. But aside from that. The whole pimp thing I took as a comment about how flashy the suit was. Lamar was always like a lazy sidekick on the show. He seemed like a token fr. But he had a little complexity to him. He wanted Sam to go talk shorty down but also said without hesitation he would take the SSS. But they did him dirty. We also needed more episodes of John getting his ass kicked for him to go off the deep end. When homegirl gave Bucky the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and disabled his arm. 🤯 To answer your question, I still like the show.

Nate Brown
Nate Brown
3 months ago

For the most part I am still enjoying the show. The comment on a few of your points, I think the whole pimp suit scene was cheeky. I believe Sam was primarily speaking to the gaudiness of the suit and for the most part in media a pimp is portrayed as a man of color wearing flashy clothing. Zemo stating that only in America would a black man wearing a outlandish suit be considered a pimp is I think commentary on how in America there is prejudice that a Black man with wealthy means either gets it illegally or through music (even those are tied together)

In regards to Lamar I think his character was great. I'm sad to see him die but I kind of understand. Lamar functioned as the tether for John Walker. He kept him grounded and acted as the voice of reason for Walker. With his death there is nothing keeping Walker from acting on frustration and impulses.

Lastly I think the conversation Zemo has with Sam and the conversation Lamar has with Walker regarding the SSS is interesting. Whereas Sam immediately saying no to the SSS is suppose to make him look heroic and Lamar saying he would take it is suppose to show that he is flawed, I actually don't see it that way. Lamar echoing what Erkstein said in regards to the SSS just enhancing what's already you speaks volume to his character. He would want the Serum to be able to save more people. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Heck Steve Rodgers technically would want the serum so that he could fight to save others and protect those ideals. I think in Walkers case his yearning for power doesn't come from a place of wanting to save but more from his own feelings of inadequacy. He feels he can't truly live up to the Cap title and that as a normal man without power he can't stand against the people with power. That's why he was so dejected after getting his ass handed to him by the Dora Milaje.

Deathless Specter
Deathless Specter
3 months ago

I was also talking to Taylor also about This and he seems to not like the fact that seemingly Competent and experienced characters are doing borderline Moronic Shit because the plot needs it… "Shout out to Taylor "

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